Yesterday I went for a CT scan at the local hospital

Yesterday I went for a CT scan at the local hospital. I was told there was an emergency admission and that I would have to wait. Absolutely I have to wait if someone is in urgent need - goes without saying!The ;patient that came out of the scanning room was a tiny baby in an incubator. Really brings home how delicate and vulnerable babies are after they are born and the amazing team of nurses and doctors that surrounded that little child.

 2020-12-05   Admin

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Steve Watts

5th December 2020

Hope nothing serious James, I have to go for a CT scan on Sunday....can't fault the NHS care I have received over the last five or six weeks....just hope we get to the bottom of the issue......

Derek Trapp

5th December 2020

Good luck to you both hope all goes well

Neil Murfet

5th December 2020

Life itself is delicate....

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