We all have it in bits Amaka mad sleeps under the bridge but in her hands are twin handsome boys she gave birth to some weeks ago

We all have it in bits.....
Amaka, mad, sleeps under the bridge but in her hands are twin handsome boys she gave birth to some weeks ago.
Chinwe, living in a posh house drives posh cars, went to the best hospital in town for ante natal care but see her crying for she has another still birth.
Ada, beautiful, good job, good house, good husband yet her pillow suffers every night with wetness of her tears, because she is yet to conceive.
Life, is deep, who can understand it.
Bayo lives with his parents, his father is a poor carpenter, he goes to school on foot every morning with empty stomach, yet he is exceptionally brilliant.
Tade, a son of a wealthy politician, goes to school, with escorts and assorted food and drinks yet he cannot assimilate what he is being taught
Gbenga, son of a medical doctor, crippled, he can not help himself, his father can not help him yet he treats others and they get healed.
What is in this life sef?
we all have it in bits, that is the irony of life. So why the bitterness, the envy, the anger, let's learn to manage our bits and see how we can make it better.
Halimatu, virgin, focused, intelligent raped on her way to school, she became pregnant, and life was on hold for a moment, Life! Life!!! Life!!!
Hauwa, prostitute, nothing to write home about, married to a good man, have four lovely kids and doing great.
Aisha, rich family, beautiful, good job, humble, but yet to have a man to call her own.
No one should think he is better than the next person because we have it in bits, as we try to manage our bits, let us also try to be a support system.
No one is more, no one is less, we are all unique in our own bits or what do you think..............
*Happy Monday*

 2020-10-16   Admin

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Renee Lewis

16th October 2020

This is depressing.....

Maureen Ekwy

16th October 2020

You have said it all!!!

Nkechi Okanu Tony Omorogbe

16th October 2020

Am copying with permission. Good write up. Happy Monday. Blessed week ahead

Jane Chinwe

16th October 2020


Timie Tims

16th October 2020

Haha you should have written a chapter in the bible. It's all about women. Isn't it?

Richbridge Arsenal Nzeribe

16th October 2020


Gerald Nnamdi Nnedu Nnanyelugo

17th October 2020

Look Maazi, I am beginning to appreciate your new found realities about life, could it be to lack of hunters?????????

Ethelbert Chukwube

17th October 2020

?? that’s why together we are complete

Akpom Stellamaris Ebele Austin

17th October 2020

Correct sir. Best post ever on facebook

Chukwuemeka Obianwu

17th October 2020

Vincent uviovo long time no see where are you now.

Prisca Esiaka

17th October 2020

Nice one, well said.

Obusor Happy Elendu

17th October 2020

i think this is worth sharing..kudos sir

Ogonna Novia

17th October 2020

Such is life

Uzoma Obeleagu

18th October 2020

Uwa anaghi ezu oke ma ncha.D earlier we undastands,assimilate and allow these words to sink inside us d better for us all.thnx for d word of wisdom

Nonyelum Onugha

18th October 2020

Very true sir. We all have our bits. God bless you for this piece. Permission to share please

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