Today I joined other mothers and kind hearted men to walk in lagos seeking for justiceforOchanya

Today I joined other mothers and kind hearted men to walk in lagos seeking for #justiceforOchanya.
The Network of Reproductive Health Journalists of Nigeria (NRHJN) joins other stakeholders tomorrow for a solemn walk in memory of 13yr old Ochanya Elizabeth Ogbanje who was killed by her trusted Guardian Andrew Ogbuja and his son Victor.
Both father and son were alleged by Ochanya to have repeatedly raped her causing her to develop Vesico Vagina Fistula VVF, (continuous leaking of urine) due to hole in bladder.
She died from the complications arising therein....
Although Andrew is already charged to Court, his son is still at large. There are however fears that Justice could be perverted....
There are many other little Ochanyas all around the country and well meaning Nigerians, mothers and rights activists MUST keep the tempo of agitation alive and get justice in memory of Ochanya.

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Oduwole Adeniyi Adeola

4th August 2020

Good job Nelly. I was perturbed when I read the story of the young lady how her supposed guidance turned her into a sex slave and his son equally participated in the ugly act. Now that the girl is dead, these two must not go scot free. I would have loved to join you in the protest walk my sister if you had invited me. Rapists MUST NOT GO SCOT FREE.

Adetoun Oluwakemi

4th August 2020

Thank God for this enlightenment. May the wrath of God seek, find and fall on all perpetrating this type of evil any where in the name of Jesus, amen.

Pamela Mokogwu Adedayo Lamikanra

4th August 2020

Empower a woman and you empower a nation. Proud of you all. Education not ejaculation!

Jacinta Nneka Ossai

4th August 2020

Good work ma,keep it up.the Lord help us.

Ronke Adebo-Udoma

4th August 2020

We need to do more for the intimidated. Too many are keeping quiet.

Joy Olague Iwegbu

5th August 2020

Good work ma

Chinenye Agonsi Anokam

5th August 2020

Great work Adamazi. Proud of what you people are doing.

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