Throughout the interview Wafaa remained composed and eloquent

Throughout the interview, Wafaa remained composed and eloquent. She presented facts in a considered and objective way. Her child has been abducted, he is imprisoned by some of the most brutal extremist groups in Syria, but Wafaa displayed a fortitude that defied fear or pity. She remained proud and resilient. Mohammed Ibrahim, Ahmed’s father, was quieter and more withdrawn but the unbreakable bond between the couple and Ahmed’s brothers was evident. They were united in hope and determination that Ahmed will survive his ordeal and will be returned to them.
“If Idlib is liberated, we know that our army will bring Ahmed home to us. They will rescue him.”
Wafaa’s first display of anger and frustration came when I asked her to describe the reality of the “moderate” occupation of her homeland to people in the West.
“We have no voice. We are the forgotten Syrian people. Nobody listens to us when we tell the world that these monsters are killing us, killing our children, stealing our lives and destroying our homes. These ‘moderates’ don’t bring freedom or democracy, they bring only bloodshed, fear and loss. We want Idlib cleansed of their presence, we want the West to take their terrorists out of our country. What did we do wrong to deserve this? Why should my son suffer, for what? Please bring this to an end, let us live in peace as we did before 2011.”
Just before I left this family, I filmed Wafaa as she gave perhaps the most powerful message of her interview – “Leave our children in peace. Let our children play, stop ‘playing’ with our children.” In Syria, children have been cruelly exploited to promote war to ensure the deaths of more children. Wafaa is demanding that people in the West recognize this fact and do all they can to prevent more children suffering at the hands of the Western client fanatics and affiliated White Helmets. We should hear her plea and act upon it before it’s too late for Ahmed and all the other children who will suffer the same fate if we do nothing.

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Vanessa Beeley

6th August 2020

Khaled Iskef Chamieh Anas Kevork Almassian

Karen Contestabile

6th August 2020

I posted this article on FB from RT News...Thanks, Vanessa!

Marta Burriel

6th August 2020


Beverly Jean

6th August 2020

Thank-you, Vanessa, so heart-wrenching and sickening at the same time. The West has to hear this..they have gotten by too long. sharing.

Lisa Baddeley

6th August 2020

It's a hoax read it

Joyce Salem

6th August 2020

This is heartbreaking???????

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