The Socialist Claim We are a nation of Immigrants No unless you recently came to this country you are NOT an Immigrant nor is most people living in this country

The Socialist Claim:
We are a nation of Immigrants...
No, unless you recently came to this country you are NOT an Immigrant, nor is most people living in this country. The closest you could come to saying that I am an Immigrant is that I immigrated from Kentucky to Tennessee.
In the sense that these people would have you to believe every nation on earth would be a "Nation of Immigrants" because every nation we know today at some point in their history the people living there migrated to the area.
If you study history you will find that most wars and conflicts were fought over "Borders" from national, state and even family feuds. Even today a great deal of litigation has to do with property lines and someone trying to infringe upon someone else's land or property for one reason or another.
The debate is the same with Illegal Immigration, it is the equivalent of coming home and finding someone has taken over your spare bedroom and is now demanding not only the right to live in your home but demanding that they have equal share of the electricity, cable, internet, water and food at your expense.
If you have ever had a renter or someone else who has taken up residence in your home you will know exactly how hard it is to evict them from your home... This is the same battle we are having with those who have entered our country illegally.
These people who are claiming that we are a "Nation of Immigrants" and "open borders" do not believe in individual property rights, socialism does not recognize the rights of the individual, no one truly owns anything under socialism everything is owned by the state and each member of the state has equal claim to everything...
That is unless you are one of the "Political Elite" this is the reason for the phrase "Socialism is for the people not the Socialist" this simply means that the "Elites" who champion socialism would never submit to living the life that they would have the rest of us live.

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