The conservatory of Casa Loma perhaps the most extravagant mansion I have ever visited

The conservatory of Casa Loma, perhaps the most extravagant mansion I have ever visited. Built for an electric utility magnate, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Toronto. A true monument to ruling class pre WW1 arrogance, perhaps one of the most offensive elements on display for a socialist is the use of the servants quarters for a tribute to Canada's WW1 war effort. The servants quarters was constructed in a way to prevent the family and guests from ever passing them in the hall. But of course the Canadian working class was quite welcome to fight and die for the British empire. Go die for your masters, workers, just remember, we don't want to see you in the hallway. 44,000 Canadians died in WW1, 54,000 were wounded.

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Jon Flanders

4th January 2021

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