Often times in this business We are asked WHY Why Rodan Fields

Often times in this business We are asked "WHY" - Why Rodan+Fields? What is it that motivates me to say YES in a business full of NO? I started my journey on March 7th and my WHY has been evolving ever since.
Our partner #buildOn asks the same question. WHY service? They are pretty clear on that: "Breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education."
This past Monday and Tuesday I got to witness first hand what that WHY really means.
As soon as our feet hit the pavement in front of Osborn High School we were greeted with signs, smiles and hugs. Then walked together through metal detectors. It was immediate, the overwhelming connection, gratitude, empowerment...
We toured a city and school flooded with poverty, abandoned houses and locked doors. Seemingly could call both a hopeless circumstance, but the students have boarded up homes, painted murals, planted gardens to offer feelings of safety, pride and life.
During a panel discussion, when asked "why service" there was no hesitation as the student responded "Service is not about what you get out of it, but what you do to provide something for someone else and how you encourage and build them up."
Spending 36 hours side by side with my buddy; serving, learning, listening. I didn't think the #Rfchangemaker trip would be a part of my evolving WHY. Maybe that was naive of me to think a LIFE changing experience wouldn't have that effect. At the end of the trip we exchanged letters, it was then I found out her birthday was, are you ready for it?
March 7th. #mindblown
I would ❤ to share more with you but let's be honest if this gets any longer most won't read it... so instead come over Saturday and snuggle a big part of my why and we can talk about it. ? THIS is so much more than skincare, it can be LIFE changing if you let it.

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Becky Fraser

13th January 2021

Here's what's happening Saturday ??? I mean HOW can you say no to that? ?

Jen Fielder

13th January 2021


Jodi Gregory Alderson

13th January 2021

I love this... when that was shared ... ?

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