In the 10 years since the HPV vaccine has been introduced the rates of HPV related cancers in the U S have INCREASED from 30 115 new cases of HPV associated cancers in 1999 to 43 371 in 2015

In the 10 years since the HPV vaccine has been introduced, the rates of HPV-related cancers in the U.S. have INCREASED from 30,115 new cases of HPV-associated cancers in 1999 to 43,371 in 2015. Noteworthy: Cervical cancers went down by 1,337 cases. But, since overall HPV-related cancers have gone UP, not down, is the HPV vaccine really responsible for the lower cervical cancer rates — or could it those rates actually be due to the fact that young people are reporting later sexual debut of first sexual encounter, fewer encounters overall, and fewer partners (early sexual debut and multiple partners are high risk factors for cervical cancer). Just a thought to ponder.

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