If your priority is to raise an obedient child you ll be raising a child with low self worth

If your priority is to raise an obedient child, you'll be raising a child with low self worth.
In this part of our clime, low self esteem is real.
Our culture and family structure makes it easy to raise children with a low self esteem.
A parent will low self worth with seldom raise a child with a healthy self worth.
There are few ways the average parents sips a child's esteem away, how a parent communicates with the child is first.
The average child will hear 21 negative words from the parent everyday.
The average child will be yelled at more than 5 times a day.
An average child will hear NO over and over again in a day.
All these can't be compared to how the average child feels around the parent.
I know no parent wants to intentionally make their child feel less of him/herself..
The reverse happens when you're not intentional with how you communicate, and influence what your child focuses and interprets.
You don't build a child's esteem by what you say, but how the child feels around you.
What are you communicating around your child?
You can be intentional about how your child feel around you and what you unconsciously send to them.
To strengthen your child's self esteem, you must pay attention to your child's learning model, communication style, behavioural profile and your family values system.
In my book 'Stop talking to your child..communicate' I shared the syntax and dynamics of communication in the family, how to avoid being wrongly perceived, and how to understand and intentionally influence your child.
Are you using phrases that 'kills' the creativity and curiosity in your child?
Are your actions and expectations sending a 'you're not enough' message to your child?
You too can go beyond talking to communicating with your child from a position of knowledge.
Get your copy today by shooting a message.

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