Halli Sean Elric Aubrey Peyton Harper Tyler Kasey Alisha

Halli, Sean, Elric, Aubrey, Peyton, Harper, Tyler, Kasey, Alisha,
Cheyannia, Mia Mary, Gage. Twelve beautiful children, never forget them.
Dipg (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) can strike any child, any age, any time. Dipg is a very aggressive and lethal brain tumour which affects mainly children and has a survival rate of less than 1%. The only 'treatment' for these children is palliative radiation to give them more time but the median survival time is still only 9 - 12 months; that treatment hasn't changed since the 70s. We so badly need awareness and funding for this disease because no matter what country you live in, funding for research is extremely small or non existent. Research is starting to happen now but the severe lack of funding for many years means that the search for a cure is far behind other cancers. We need more funding for transitional research and clinical trials, and sadly, the general public are still unaware of the magnitude of this disease. The word 'rare' seems to translate to insignificant for most people; how are the deaths of these twelve wonderful children insignificant? Hundreds of children are diagnosed and die from dipg every year; how are their lives and their bright and beautiful futures insignificant?
We need to be a voice for these children, please sign and share petitions, write to your political leaders and demand change, do your homework and give to grassroot charities and foundations where the money goes to research and not to fill pockets.
'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much'
#DefeatDipg #TeamEndDipg #GrayEveryDay #Morethan4 #FightDipg #DipgWarrior

 2020-10-11   Admin

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Vanessa Kilpatrick

11th October 2020


Deb Plaisted

11th October 2020

??? thank you for remembering and honoring Chey!

Gretchen Harbison

11th October 2020

Precious little angels

Lisa Heywood

11th October 2020

Janet Heineman Sutter

11th October 2020

God give the parents peace and the kids big hugs and tell them they are still loved, always will be.

Earl Clinton Hurt

11th October 2020


Hayley Ryder

11th October 2020


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