Feel like sharing this again God is not like the goat that has seven kids and only two breasts

(Feel like sharing this again)
God is not like the goat that has seven kids and only two breasts. He is called the many breasted God; the number of His children are the number of His breasts. He can never keep you waiting just because He has to attend to His other numerous children. He’s the all sufficient, self-existing God, the sufficiency of all the saints! God has more than enough resources to cater to your every need.
God only stops supplying when you stop asking; He can never run out of resources! The more of God you see, the more there is to see. The more capacity you create the more He fills. He can fill any vacuum you create for Him, be it the vacuum of a child, spouse, health, Job, finance, wisdom, knowledge, fulfilment, etc.
He’s not a God that we have to help. Some people help their gods but our God helps us. Some carry their god but Ours carries us, some feed their gods but Ours feeds us. #HEisGodByHimself

 2020-12-04   Admin

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Golshera Kendem Golsherabolkon

4th December 2020


Adi Joyce Mallah Efi

4th December 2020

All sufficient God

Debbie Yani

4th December 2020

Amazing Sir. God bless you.

Blessing Damalak

4th December 2020

What a MIGHTY God we serve...

Doyinsola Grace Godwin

4th December 2020

This, though true and so wonderfully supernatural in my heart, gives one kain disturbing imagery or billions of breasts on one person in my head. Thank you Lord anyway

Daniel Cirman

4th December 2020

Allah Ya Isa!

Emily Miri-Dashe

4th December 2020

Our God is God by Himself. Glory Hallelujah, Amen

Henry Okere

5th December 2020


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