ALERT ALERT THE CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE OF THE MOMENT Be reminded that the National Assembly has finished its Bill for the amendment of the 1999 Constitution

Be reminded that the National Assembly has finished its Bill for the amendment of the 1999 Constitution. With particular reference to LOCAL GOVERNMENTS, autonomy has been proposed! A four year term for local government council members, offices of the council chairman/vice chairman, council leader and his deputy and the council itself all created by the constitution. Financial autonomy granted local govts. Local govt. elections to be conducted by INEC while SIECOMS will go and rest with the devil in hell.
PLEASE mobilize to ensure your member in the state assembly does not get settled by your governor to cast a "no" vote. The Bill is on its way to every state Assembly. God bless you.

 2020-10-12   Admin

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Sammy Rock

12th October 2020

Its a well done policy

Ampwanze Pada Samuel

12th October 2020

Tnx a lot for this vital information my Ogah.

Ishaq Yahaya

12th October 2020

Good one

Don Danladi Acid Anka

12th October 2020

it is time.for youth to take over 2019

Edward Emma Kichu

12th October 2020

Tnx Hon for the information

Abdulaziz Muhammad Kauru

12th October 2020

It will be a great achievement

Abana Ibrahim Kenneth

13th October 2020

Thanx for the information Hon.we pray for it actualization

Danladi Bako

13th October 2020

It's a good decision

Baboshia Whiskey

13th October 2020

Amen o...gud one my broda.

Suleiman Tambaya

13th October 2020

Any LG that allows an old man in should blame itself. It is time where the youth should take charge of the local government affairs

Uba Ahmed

13th October 2020

Nice to hear

Adze Ib Albright

14th October 2020

In this Country??? I pray it will work out as the BILL speak! I love my Country sha, We can implement bills/laws, but it only works for the weaks, May God Help Us On This Very One! AMEN. Thanks Sir for the Update!

Rifkatu Moses

14th October 2020

That is a good one

Lateefat Shittu Oyebode

14th October 2020

Allah Ya Barma Kai Oga

Thomas Musa Jp

14th October 2020

I pray to God. This 8th republic Natiotional Assemblic, their sin be forgiven for proposed LGC autonomy. We are tire with the joint account, Governors don't want to conduct Local Govt. Election for it Executives because of money coming from fed, account. We hope for it actualization...........

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