#RE_BROADCAST. .. As you live each day to outsmart your weakness and inadequacies, As you make effort to having your Relationship with God and spiritual life revived and sustained As you desire spirit......

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*Public Bus Etiquette 101* 1

*Public Bus Etiquette 101* 1.Try as much as possible to be quiet while on bus. If you are with a friend and you must talk,keep your voice low.Talk about events.If you must gossip,alight first. 2.If th......

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LADIES WORLD ♨ (Series 13)

LADIES WORLD ♨ (Series 13) .. A Lady Is Encouraged To Face The Future. .. When Crosby was aged three, the family moved to North Salem, New York, where Eunice had been raised. In April 1825 Crosb......

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Dr. Hallowed Olu! If you do not know the youngest PhD holder in Africa(2014).....better come here. The second time I had the privilege of interviewing you again together with Bukola Olanrewaju was a l......

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MOMENT OF APPRECIATION. All Thanks Glory Honour And Gratitude To Almighty God For Giving Me The Privilege To Witness The End Of 2016 And The Begining Of Another New Year,it Been His Grace So Fa......

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