Week 1 of Things God Didn t Say was a riot

Week 1 of "Things God Didn't Say" was a riot!! We are working through a series of popular sayings spoken in churches that are never found in Scripture. This week we hit "God helps those who help thems......

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Satan s agenda dehumanize desensitize deprioritize

Satan's agenda: dehumanize, desensitize, deprioritize. 1. Equate all beings as equal worth. This doesn't elevate non-human things, but decreases humans to "things". 2. Innundate society with shock,......

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This came up in my spirit in prayer this morning

This came up in my spirit in prayer this morning... "Before there's a harvest, there's a planting. Before there's a planting, there's a weeding (tilling, groundbreaking, etc). If you feel like you're......

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