3 5 Interesting and engaging though dated

3/5: Interesting and engaging, though dated. One section could do with being chopped out of the book as it doesn't add much but the southern white folk not wanting their african-american slaves heading off to Mars was difficult to get through. It's VERY dated and the dozens of uses of the n-word made me uncomfortable (which isn't inherently a bad thing in a book, but this wasn't really to much benefit to the narrative overall). This might be one of Bradbury's titles that just hasn't aged well...

 2021-01-14   Admin

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William Lee Williams

14th January 2021

I think it’s important to have some meta-knowledge of this book. It wasn’t actually written as a book; rather, it’s all of Bradbury’s different ideas and ultimately short stories from decades of writing short stories brought together and curated into a book form after the fact. It creates a dissonant feel throughout the book that I always loved.

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