1 PMB s govt is d ONLY govt since 1979 that didn t retrench workers during a period of economic recession

1. PMB’s govt is d ONLY govt since 1979 that didn’t retrench workers during a period of economic recession. Previous govts either downsized or rightsized d Public Service, but PMB even made sure State govts didn’t do so by providing bailout funds with a directive to pay salaries
2. OBJ sacked 10,000 Police officers & GEJ didn’t even recruit any Police constable in 5yrs, but despite the economic downturn, PMB has recruited 17,000 Police officers (16,000 constables & 1000 Insps. & ASPs). This is unprecedented in the history of the Police Force in Nigeria.
3. Under GEJ, all the armed services (except the Army) never recruited for 5 yrs. The only attempt made by the Immigration on March 15, 2014, ended in disaster because of incompetence and corruption. But under PMB all the armed services recruited several thousands of Nigerianout
4. The unemployment statistics & the rating of Nigeria as ‘poverty capital of the world’ is certainly NOT a consequence of the last 3 years! It is a culmination of many years of squandermania, waste & corruption witnessed under past govts from which we’re now battling to come out
My support for PMB/PYO is not because they’re infallible, but that the leading opposition candidates seeking to replace them don’t have noble intentions given their antecedents. I am involved to contribute my little quota to prevent these characters from sneaking back to power
Festus Keyamo SAN

 2021-01-01   Admin

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Faronbi Gbenga

1st January 2021

Please please and please oga festus remind them.

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